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The Water System
Water flows through watermains located within the city road allowance and then through water service pipes which are connected to each building.  The public, or city portion, of the water service pipe runs from the watermain to the property line.  The private portion of the water service runs from the property line to inside your home, ending at your water meter.  Owners are responsible for the water service pipe on their property and each municipality is responsible for the water service pipe on the public portion of the property .  Water meters are an important part of the municipal water service system.  Every household, business and facility should be equipped with a water meter to track usage.  In some cases where a water meter does not exist, property owners can contact their local municipality for further information on water meter installation.

Lead Water Services

Majority of homes built prior to the mid-1950's have lead service pipes.  After the mid-1950's to late 1980's lead pipes were no longer commonly used however lead-based solder was used to connect the piping in homes.  Lead can enter drinking water as the water comes into contact with lead materials over a period of time.  When standing water is in contact with any lead content for a long period of time, concerning levels of lead can be accumulated.  Concerned residents should flush toilets and run their tap water every morning to flush any standing water.  However, the best long term solution to remove lead in your drinking water is to replace the entire lead service pipe. Please refer to Links for additional information.

Low Water Pressure/Volume
Reduced water pressure/volume can be a result of one or more of the following:

*the existing water service pipe is substandard (undersized)
*water service pipes are clogged with mineral deposits
*the existing water service supply is shared between two or more buildings/homes, known as a wye or double water service.

Standard Water Service Pipe vs. Substandard Water Service Pipe
Copper is the most common material used today for water service pipe installation.
A standard water service pipe is no smaller than 3/4" diameter in size, or 19mm.

The majority of existing water service pipes in the City of Toronto are known to be substandard relevant to current standards and regulations.  These sizes range from 3/8" up to 5/8", the most common size being 1/2".

The Most Common Complaint
"I cannot take a shower and flush the toilet at the same time.  What can I do?"

Residents with substandard water services commonly complain that they are not able to use two fixtures at the same time.  With the upgrade to a standard water service, this issue along with similar issues can be resolved almost immediately.

For more information on the water system and watermain breaks within the City of Toronto, please click on the link below for a quick demonstration.

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