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City of Toronto- Toronto Water

To request a free test to determine if there is lead in your drinking water please call the Toronto Water Quality Lab at (416)392-2894.  You can also email the Water Quality Lab at and provide the following information:
-Full address
-Closest major intersection
-Phone number
When all information listed above is provided, residents will be added to the waiting list.  Please contact your local municipality for further details on lead testing in your area.

For more information on the water system and watermain breaks within the City of Toronto, please click on the link below for a quick demonstration.

Ontario Ministry of the Environment - Water Information                                 

For further questions and answers in regards to lead and drinking water, please click on the following link:    

Ontario Sewer & Watermain Construction Organization

Please fill out the Quotation Request Form to receive your free quotation on upgrading your water service.