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Building The Future. Restoring The Past.


Rabcon Contractors Ltd

Established in April 2000, Rabcon Contractors Ltd. boasts over 2 decades of invaluable expertise in the watermain, sewer, and road building sectors. Over this period, Rabcon has continually pioneered new procedures and processes, setting industry standards at the highest levels. As proud members of both LIUNA Local 183, 230, and 793, Rabcon holds esteemed accreditation with the GTSWCA and ORCGA, reflecting our commitment to excellence in every facet of our operations.

At Rabcon Contractors Ltd., we uphold an unwavering dedication to being leaders in health and safety practices. Our stringent policies ensure compliance with municipal, provincial, and federal standards, surpassing expectations to safeguard both people and property. As active members of the IHSA, we have earned and maintained COR certification, affirming our proactive approach to workplace safety and regulatory compliance.

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